Analyzing Quantitative Data with R

Photo of an abacus

ENGL 5377, Fall 2024

Mondays 6:00–8:50pm

We are constantly bombarded with numerical and quantitative information; but how do we make sense of it? How can we interpret and present this information sensibly? Where does this information come from in the first place?

This course will introduce you to tools and methods for collecting, analyzing, and visualizing quantitative data—including survey responses, experimental results, and usability studies. We’ll learn how to turn raw numbers into digestible information in the form of numerical and visual summaries, basic statistical analysis, and inferences about your sample population. And we’ll learn some basic data-wrangling techniques along the way that will be useful even outside the realm of research.

These skills are valued both in the academy and in industry, as they will allow you to work with your own data, as well as to evaluate existing quantitative research that you come across in journal articles or from other teams.

Our primary tool for this course will be the R programming language—but don’t let the phrase “programming language” scare you away. No prior knowledge of statistics, programming, or experimental design is assumed or required.

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